Processing of commonly used magnets

Commonly used magnets are processed into a cylinder: the diameter is 2mm to 100mm, and the thickness is above 0.5mm. Circular magnets are simple to process and can be formed once. Therefore, circular magnets are mostly used when making orders. The biggest advantages of this magnet are fast processing speed and short delivery time. Square magnet: square magnet processing is slow, because it needs to cut 6 sides, a product needs to be processed 3 times to be successful, compared to the round magnet more than two processes, so the square magnet processing speed is slow, long delivery time. Three-belt products: before the product is cut and processed, a hole of the specified size is punched on the wool blank and then

Processing of commonly used magnets

One Cylinder: diameter in2mm to 100mm, the thickness of more than 0.5mm can be processed, circular magnet processing is simple, can be formed once, so when making orders with circular magnets, the biggest advantage of this magnet is fast processing speed, short delivery time.

II Square magnets: Square magnets are slower to process because theySix surfaces need to be cut, and a product needs to be processed 3 times to be successful. Compared with round magnets, there are two more processes, so square magnets have slow processing speed and long delivery time.

Three Products with holes: before the products are not cut and processed, a hole of specified size is punched on the wool blank and then processed. The square needs to be processed to a certain process, then punched, and then cut, which is more complicated. Products with holes are widely cited in the market. At the same time, our company also batch processing some special-shaped products, such as trapezoid, large and small holes, size head and other magnets.

Black sheet inspection is the appearance and size qualification inspection of semi-finished products processed by the slicing workshop. Generally, there is no special requirement for the thickness tolerance of the wafer.± 0.05mm, the side length tolerance of the square is 0.07mm.

Cooking is what will bond the products to each other.502 magnetic glue water with hot water to boil it, remove the glue in order to facilitate the collection and polishing.

Polishing (also called chamfering) is the first work of electroplating. It is to grind the corners around the product to a certain degree according to customer requirements to make the surface smoother to improve the appearance quality of the product.


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